Art & Schnaps

The love and creativity of distilling continues with individually designed water colored labels. They are printed on high quality linen.
The harmony of color and taste form an united piece of art, that should inspire not only connoisseurs of brandies, but also collectors of special water color art.
For very unique distillates, in limited edition, similar water color paintings and covers for the packaging will be composed.
Just like the clear taste of brandy only one hue of watercolor is necessary to set the right mood and strength for the work of art.
Through my conscious game with water and color unexpected structures and forms arise, which should inspire the imagination and the senses of the viewer.
Artistically inspired delight is even superior!
Birgit Neururer

Fruit & Schnaps

Genuine Tyrolean nature is captured in these high class brandies. Simply defined, it is clear fruit brandy, a distilled spirit made from 100% natural fruit.They are made with the finest, carefully hand-picked, sun-ripened fruit, exclusively from Tyrolean cultivation. The brandies are distilled in a traditional copper still.
The final flavor of pure fruit distillates re- flects the signature of the master distiller. Experience and sensitivity are essential for his trade.
These Tyrolean fruit brandies remain unfiltered to conserve the most important and delicate components of the fruit and their subtle aromas. For best possible consumption, it is recommended to turn the bottle upside down once before opening.The taste unfolds perfectly at a temperature of 16 to 18 °C.
Cheers! To your health!
Rudi & Franz Schiechtl

Watercolors: Birgit Neururer
Distillates: Rudi & Franz Schiechtl
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